From Overwhelmed to Organised: 5 DIY Wardrobe Makeover Ideas

From Overwhelmed to Organised: 5 DIY Wardrobe Makeover Ideas
01/10/2021 Averill

We’re big believers that your home is your sanctuary – it is, after all, where you unwind, connect with loved ones and cook delicious food. If the last few years have taught us anything (thanks ‘Rona) it’s that making a space your own is so important. Nothing could be more true when it comes to your wardrobe and all the glory it contains!

If you’re having trouble finding that matching boot or can’t tell your coats from your skirts, it could be time for a wardrobe makeover. We’re comin’ in HOT with 5 DIY tips to take you from overwhelmed to organised in the boudoir.  


How did I end up with all this STUFF?!

You’re preaching to the choir here my friend – we get it. You might find yourself staring down the barrel of your bulging wardrobe and not even know where to start. Marie Kondo may be a bit extreme for you and so too might donating it all to charity and starting again, but it’s definitely a case of starting small. 


1. Declutter your clothing and accessories

First thing’s first, you can’t make any changes to your closet if it’s not organised. So step one in our list of wardrobe makeover ideas is a good ol’ fashioned spring clean. If you haven’t worn something in more than 6 months (and it’s not a family heirloom), chances are it needs to go to a better home. Be brutal, be ruthless and most importantly, STAY STRONG.


 2. Refurbish built-ins with on-brand cabinet handles 

It might be a good idea to take everything out of your wardrobe so you get a good overview of what you’re working with. If you have built-in drawers, a great way to refresh them is by adding some new cabinet handles or knobs, just like our Do.Uppers have done in the snaps below. 

On the left, the legends at Nested Projects have installed our Mini White And Gold Crater Knobs to complement their minimalist aesthetic. And on the right, the marvellous Dizain Interiors have adopted the Slimline Mango Wood Handles for their built-in drawers, adding a touch of boho chic to their meticulously ordered wardrobe.  


3. Spruce up cupboards with a lick of paint and new cabinet knobs

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for any interior space. Just ask Josh and Nadia from Carr Haus who have enlivened the exterior cupboards of their large wardrobe with stunning teal paint and our White And Gold Basket Weave Knobs. The pattern on the knobs contrasts beautifully with the panelling of the doors, creating a calm environment for all (including their pup!). 


4. Get organised with wall hooks

Our next wardrobe makeover idea is about harnessing the versatility of decorative wall hooks. You can add them to either the inside or outside of your wardrobe to display hats, hold towels, or even organise your jewellery. Our fave hooks at the moment are the White Ceramic And Silver Wall Hook, Small Black and Pearl Daisy Wall Hook and the Gold Rainbow Wall Hook.


 5. Invest in a variety of storage solutions

One of the key aspects of a functioning wardrobe (that’s also easy on the eyes) is utilising the space you have available. Investing in storage that matches your aesthetic and is appropriate to your needs is a nifty way to fit more in and keep track of what you have (we’re looking at you over there with all the shoes!). 


We want YOUR wardrobe makeover ideas…

Have you recently given your closet a complete overhaul? Or maybe you’ve installed some Do.Up cabinet handles, wall hooks or knobs and you’re keen to show them off? Tag us on Instagram @do.upper and we might even feature you on our fabulous blog. And if you’re in need of a few DIY delights for your next project, our shop is overflowing with inspo (don’t say you weren’t warned!).