10 Inspired Interior Design Trends for 2023

10 Inspired Interior Design Trends for 2023
25/01/2023 Averill

After a year of exploring more natural, organic and simplified interior design trends in 2022, Do.Uppers and design lovers have discovered the benefits of minimalist, sustainable trends. Not only do they look stunning, but they’re also better for our world. Period.

We’re thrilled that nature and organic shapes and textures are still front and centre in 2023. But joining them will be more eclectic, elegant and uniquely personalised décor, designs and colours. It’s time to roll up your sleeves and make your space your own because 2023 is all about connecting to what brings you joy.


1. Eclectic and individual, just like you

In line with our brand values, eclectic and individualised interior design trends are all about being yourself. They’re about creating a home that reflects your personality. No two people are the same, so why fill your home with products that thousands of others have in their space? We say, away with the cookie-cutter design in 2023! We love design elements that have a story to tell; our artisan-made knobs, hooks and cabinet hardware reflect the uniqueness of the artist. What speaks to you?

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2. Sustainability in design

It goes without saying that living a more sustainable lifestyle is more than trending. It’s, we’d like to think, a new way of being. That’s why we use sustainable materials wherever possible. Striking the balance between the joyful design elements you’re excited to create, with products that have been created with Mother Nature in mind is definitely big in 2023 – and beyond!

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3. Embrace warm woods

Speaking of sustainability, our brand new Beech Wood Collection takes this beautiful, natural and uniquely grained wood and amplifies it with functional and creative curves. Cabinet knobs like our Convex Knob can offer beauty and cosiness to your kitchen cabinets; reach inside, grab your favourite mug, pour a cuppa and start your day with the sun streaming in through the windows.

interior design trends wood

interior design trends

Featured: Beech Wood Convex Knob


4. Amp up the energy with colour and wallpaper

Colour and high vibes are making their way into 2023. As people step out of the minimalist look, they’re stepping into more life and vibrancy. Integrating textured, colourful wallpaper (don’t be afraid to lean into Art Deco!) is absolutely making a comeback.

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Featured: Gold Art Deco Fan Knob


5. Mood lighting isn’t just for bars

Lighting design built with specific moods in mind is an interior design trend we’re totally digging. Depending on the activity or room, lighting and tones can shift and change. Wine and nibbles? Let’s go warm with amber hues. Brunch and mimosas? A little brighter and hit the cool blues, please! You can even integrate statement lamps. Let your imagination run wild!

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6. Bring on more curves and arches

Curves and arches often symbolise starting anew. Very apt for the beginning of a new year! We adore curvature and incorporate it into a lot of our product designs. Our half moon design features in a few of our collections, including Beech Wood, Terrazzo and D.LUXE. The soft movement, grace and symbolism of these gorgeous designs are the reason we’re introducing even more of these products in 2023.

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Featured: D.LUXE Matte Black Brass Half Moon Handle


7. Muted, earthy colours to ground and centre

We are loving the resurgence of muted, earthy colours in interior design. If you’d rather embrace the chill and trade energy and colour with a more grounded, calming feeling, this trend is just the ticket. Our new Dusk Pink and Olive Green Beech Wood and Resin Knobs offer a joyful taste of colour to your dressers and cabinets without overwhelming your relaxing space.

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Featured: Dusk Pink Beech Wood and Resin Knob


8. Upcycle your furniture pieces

There’s no need to toss your old pieces to the curb – all you need is the right inspiration! Our fellow Do.Uppers constantly inspire us with their creative and gorgeous upcycle inspo! From cabinets and dressers to tables and bed frames, the right products, paint and colours can make something old, new again. And help the environment, too.

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The wonderful Tanya from @beachside_boho_designs upcycled bedside tables, featuring our White Marble and Brass Prism Knobs


9. Welcome the outdoors indoors

Let’s face it, some days we just want to stay inside. But that doesn’t mean we can’t embrace the joyful feeling of being surrounded by nature. Bring in greenery, plants and other naturally derived pieces, along with all the wellness benefits they offer. Our cotton or jute artisan-crafted plant hangers with sustainable mango wood embellishments offer added character to embrace your unique style.

interior decorating plant hangers

From left to right – Woven Macrame Hanging Wall Shelf with the Mango Wood Ceiling Hook and Jute Knotted Macrame Plant Hanger


10. Go for gold

Gold is back in a big way. This precious metal adds a touch of glitz and sophistication along with added warmth to your interior design. Gold is here (we hope for good!) and with it comes the opulence and beautiful bounce back of light in your space. Warm, bright and luxurious? What a win! If gold feels like you for 2023, check out our D.LUXE range of cabinet handles and knobs.

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Featured: Brushed Gold Brass Hex Knob


Are you ready to embrace your unique interior design style in 2023?

What makes you tick? Visit us @do.upper for more 2023 interior design trends and tell us what you think. We can’t wait to hear about all of the ideas that inspire your joy!