Top 2023 Autumn and Winter Colours and Textures for Inspired Home Styling

Top 2023 Autumn and Winter Colours and Textures for Inspired Home Styling
17/04/2023 Averill

For many, the autumn and winter months bring a sense of cosiness, a desire to hibernate and spend more time indoors, more time entertaining at home or simply snuggling up with your favourite book and a cuppa (or glass of wine!). So what better time of year to give a little love to your home décor and interior design than autumn and winter – when you’re spending more time amidst your four walls? 

This season, there are a number of trending colours and textures we’re excited to share and as always, we encourage you to embrace what speaks to your individual and uniquely-you tastes and home styling desires! From cool and calming to bold, textured and earthy, discover what home décor brings you joy this autumn and winter season.


Rich and bold with greens, reds and playful colour combinations

This time of year (especially after the brilliant autumn leaves have fallen), the hues of the outside world can sometimes feel a little lacklustre and uninspired. So why not add rich, bold colours to your home to liven your world up a little!? Deep greens can create drama and comfort and offer great backdrops for art. Deep plums and burnt oranges pair beautifully with neutral tones – think upcycled cabinetry and framing woodwork – and make a splash with brass (more on that below!). 

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More of an outside-the-box eccentric? Why not lean into the 70s retro resurgence? Retro greens alongside sunny orange or yellow bring creativity and warmth to your space. Green has been popular in the home for a number of years, but pairing it with a brighter hue can add playfulness and personality to a space (a joy you might not discover with a single tone on its own!). 

Maintain balance by using the brighter colour as a secondary hue and add simple accents (along baseboards or with small accessories and art) for a third hue in more neutral tones. We have a feeling this will help to hit all the right notes for a joyfully retro interior design!


Chocolate tones for the cosiest of home décor

Who doesn’t love chocolate? We admit it, when we find ourselves snuggled up on a chocolate sofa, by the fire, surrounded by cabinet hardware and furniture in warm, brown hues it’s nearly impossible to leave. Comfort. Peace. Contentment. Does it get much better? The warmth of this cosy colour makes it an autumn and winter home styling favourite – just be sure to keep it to the accessories and furniture rather than on the walls. Let this dark colour ground you, not take over!

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Get earthy (and sustainable!) with natural and neutral tones and textures

Natural and neutral interior design trends never go out of style. They can be incorporated to ground bolder spaces or they can be a feature – while pops of texture and colour are added through pillows, throws and cabinet hardware like ceramic knobs, hooks or handles. Rose pink and lily green offer cheerful, earthy colour pops to give character to a more neutral design. And a few simple, natural changes in your décor are a great way to add earthy depth and texture to a more neutral space. Try our Large Rattan Cylinder Handles to dressers, pantry doors or storage cupboards, or use our Rattan and Beechwood Wall Hooks to hang art in your living space.

As a business that deeply values sustainability, we know that upcycling is another big trend for 2023. Why not take a tired piece of furniture like fellow Do.Upper Tanya from @beachside_boho_designs did and bring it back to life with a coat of paint or varnish? From there, just pop on our Beech Wood and Rattan Knobs – voilà! Your furniture and home décor has a new lease on life.

upcycling furniture

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Lean into the breathtaking beauty of stone and brass 

What is it about certain materials used in home styling that can completely transform a space? Take it from drab to fab? Imagine a room painted the sage green of a forest. Paired with rustic stone flooring, you get a brilliantly earthy vibe. But we understand that a whole floor reno isn’t always on the cards. Simpler home décor changes like stone shelves in a kitchen can still offer a transformative effect and create a greater sense of space. Accessories like sculptures or lamps can also add a sense of natural luxury without breaking the bank.

If warmer tones are more your personality, why not explore brass as an accent for the cooler season ahead? The beauty of brass is that it can complement any interior design style, from French Provincial or 70s retro to contemporary. Just remember to not go overboard, or you might find your home feeling more gaudy than stylish! Try decorative mirrors or frames. Or integrate a bit of class and character by adding our Marble and Brass Pentagon Knobs to your bathroom cabinets or White Marble and Brass Cylinder Handles to your kitchen drawers. 

Marble and Brass

Cosy up this season with your favourite home styling colours and textures.

Now that we’ve (hopefully!) created a sense of warmth and excitement and have your interior design mind firing on all cylinders, we want to hear about it! Tag us on Instagram @do.upper with your autumn and winter vibes or get in touch if you’re after a bit of indoor inspiration. We can’t wait to hear from you!