Exploring the Campervan Movement and How to Rock the Van Life (in Style!)

Exploring the Campervan Movement and How to Rock the Van Life (in Style!)
13/02/2023 Averill

Let’s face it. Our interest has been piqued. So much so, we decided to explore a topic a little bit outside of our typical home décor vibe. With summer in full swing, we got to thinking more about the campervan movement and how one might go about enjoying van life – a topic that seems to be hot on people’s minds these days.

Freedom. The great outdoors. A new place to explore whenever the mood strikes. The thought excited us and we wanted to know more. So to get the 411 we talked to an incredible couple, Holly and Will, who are currently living their best life in a caravan as they travel around Tasmania. They also just happen to be fellow Do.Uppers who recently revamped their van’s interior! So for all of you who might be interested in experiencing a new type of travel or way of life, or for those who have their own campervan but are keen to give it a design revamp, this one’s for you!

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Introducing Eddie the caravan

Well, maybe we should first introduce Eddie the caravan’s awesome owners, Holly and Will. Originally from Geelong, this inspiring young couple recently packed their bags to make their way to their new life in Cairns. Travel and an active lifestyle are very much part of who they are, so when an opportunity arose to move north, into the warm weather and outdoor lifestyle, they jumped (into their caravan and toward their new future)! They’re not digital nomads, but they sure are keen on an adventure wherever they can find it. And we’re totally inspired!


Will recently finished his Bachelor of Science and Masters of Health Science in Osteopathy and will be starting work in a clinic in Cairns. Holly just completed her Bachelor of Social Work and will be working in youth mental health. Talk about a couple that is doing good in the world!

In 2021, the pair discovered a campervan they’ve since lovingly dubbed Eddie. Growing up, they both spent much beloved time camping with family, so they knew that type of travel spoke to them. They’d always wanted a campervan, so when Eddie showed up on Marketplace, it seemed like destiny. They spent 18 months lovingly renovating Eddie’s interior to make it liveable and in December 2022, the renovation was complete! So they began 2023 by living their best van life in Tasmania before making their journey north to start their new chapter together.


There are loads of benefits to van life

Holly shared with us, “the biggest appeal of having a campervan for both of us was having the freedom to easily pull up and have anywhere as our backyard. We love the idea that with a campervan it is such a quick set up and pack up and there are so many ways to add different features to the van depending on what you’re needing or wanting at different times and for different trips. We both really want to do a lap of Australia and think in a campervan is the best way to do it.”

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It seems to us here at Do.Up, whether you’re more settled but want to enjoy travel around Australia or you’re a digital nomad and are keen to take your work with you wherever you go, caravan travel is a gift! Meeting new people, seeing new places and not being wrapped up in a constant barrage of clutter can be really freeing and joyful.

For Holly and Will, when it came to creating a space that they could share and feel good in for long stretches of time, they knew giving Eddie an interior design makeover they truly loved would help to make their experience on the road that much more enjoyable.


A caravan renovation to blow your mind

Do.Uppers, if you’ve ever wondered what design magic could be worked by one couple (and Holly’s dad to assist!) and a van, then look no further.

When we saw the before and after pictures of Eddie, our minds were blown! A completely empty, plain old metal van interior was their canvas. And what these two legends created was truly gorgeous. Holly and Will found inspiration through house inspo on Pinterest as well as from van pages on Instagram, “particularly when we were considering the best layout option as well as van specific features such as fans and electrical set up”, Holly shared.

When curating their design, they added character to their space using products like our D.LUXE Brushed Gold Brass Hex Cabinet Handles on their drawers and our White Stone Brass Knobs on their cupboards (a bestseller, don’t worry, we’re restocking soon!). White, light wood and rattan finishings made for a bright, beachy and joyful interior…we’re kind of in love.

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Tips for anyone thinking of renovating a caravan

Holly had some great tips for a successful campervan reno to share with her fellow Do.Uppers, and since we agreed wholeheartedly (and she clearly knows what she’s talking about!) we’re going to give ‘em to you straight from the source:

“One of our biggest tips would be to do as much research as possible prior to starting the build. Having a clear idea of what you want and what features you require for the type of travelling you want to do is key. Even though at the time it’s very tempting to just get straight into the build, we really think this step is important to prevent having to redo anything.

In terms of revamping an already existing van, we would recommend using lighter colours to make the smaller space feel bigger. Additionally, choosing a colour scheme at the start was really helpful for us, we first said, what colour sink do we want (white, matte black or silver)? Once we chose white, that helped us choose the colours we wanted around it e.g. brushed brass tapware, handles and knobs, a neutral doona cover. Using colours that would work with different coloured bedding is also important to think about.”

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Holly and Will, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Thank you for sharing your exciting and inspiring journey with us!


Thinking about experiencing van life?

If you’re keen to join the van life movement but you’re looking to amp up your travel space, we hope this story inspired you! Hit us up with any questions you might have and tag @do.upper as you go. We love an exciting before and after.