5 Interior Decorating Ideas to Add Personality to a White Space

5 Interior Decorating Ideas to Add Personality to a White Space
12/01/2023 Averill

Your home is your sanctuary – it’s an expression of who you are. And just like you, its creative potential is endless.

Whether you own your home or you’re renting, it’s likely you’ve experienced the dreaded “drab white space” feeling. While we know there is a place for white (and when it’s done right, it can be stunning!), we’re all about making a home your own.

Here’s the long and the short of it. As you may already know, here at Do.Up, our slogan is “Reject the Ordinary”. So we’re saying ‘no’ to white space that hasn’t been imbued with, well, YOU! Our one-of-a-kind home hardware and décor accessories have been designed to help inspire the unique and fabulous creative within! And we’d like to think our snazzy blogs help inspire, too…

So, we thought the holiday break would be the perfect time to inspire our Do.Up family with some creative ways to spice up that white space. Check out these interior décor ideas for joyful pops of personality!


Show and share with your home styling

Have you ever entered a home and felt like it came straight out of a staging magazine? It’s kind of cold, right? Have you ever walked into a space and felt immediately in awe of all of the warmth and welcome? Been drawn toward the bookshelves or the cabinet filled with photos and unique pieces? Which did you prefer cosying down in?

Personalising your home is about more than adding a splash of your favourite colour to a wall (though we will get to that later!). It’s about letting people in. Creating a sense of welcome. Of character. Of you-ness. Don’t hide your photos or your favourite shell collection. Let your fantasy flag fly and put up that unicorn crochet piece you made. The art of interior decorating is being able to weave in the things that are unique to you to create a space that you love – and that also looks aesthetically ace!

interior decor styling


Cabinet hardware for your vintage vibes

There’s nothing like upcycling to bring more wow to your wardrobe, cabinets and dressers. Add a splash of paint. Give an old piece of furniture a sand and polish. Then find the perfect cabinet handle or knob to give it your fave vintage flair. Our Baby Blue Rustic Wheel Knob or Mango Wood Handle (if old-world wood is your thing) are perfect accessories for your furniture rebirth. Furniture refurbisher Linda from @_theworkshopstudio has completely transformed a tired buffet into a work of art with this stunning colour and our Rustic Bone Intersect Knobs.


cabinet knob


Pops of your favourite colours

When it comes to colour, the interior décor ideas really are endless. If you’re looking to liven up your white space but don’t want to commit to a full paint job, an accent wall (in a colour that makes you feel all the good feels!) is a great way to bring more vibrancy to a room.

interior decor styling 1

If you’re apprehensive about the permanency of paint, wall decals are another fun option! And they can be changed as your mood changes. How good is that? Wondering what to do in that bland entryway? A colourful or patterned wall can speak to your personality in a creative and aesthetically awesome way.

interior decor styling 2


Walls are made for wall hooks

How do we love wall hooks? Let us count the ways…

Wall hooks are a fabulous way to amp up a drab white space. But they can also help you make the most of a smaller room or home. They can be used to beautifully display artwork and allow you to arrange your favourite pieces in creative patterns (it’s like art within art!). Or they can offer function and a feast for the eyes in your kitchen. Why not use wall hooks to organise pots and pans if you’re lacking in the cupboard space department?

If you are a lover of the more natural, airier designs, our Rattan and Beech Wood or our Jute and Mango Wood wall hooks can easily add life to your living area. If vintage is more your vibe, our Double Vintage Wall Hook could be exactly what you need to spice up your bedroom décor.

To us, wall hooks are one of those magical, multi-purpose interior decorating pieces that help liven up a space and keep it looking sharp.

4 1


Go green with gusto

Nothing says adding life to a space than, well, plant life! We are now (and forever will be) hardcore lovers of plant life. The wellbeing benefits are a gift to add to your home. And the different species of plants on offer can speak to the personality of the plant owners. Needless to say, adding some greenery to your interior design is an excellent way to liven up a white space.

Large potted plants that live by your windows and in the corners of a room create a sense of calm and groundedness. But why not go to the next level and add some hanging plants, too? Our macrame plant hangers are perfect for adding life to your walls and ceiling. And our matching Mango Wood Ceiling Hook will have them hanging with style.



Ready to give that white space your personal touch?

Our Do.Uppers are absolute legends when it comes to interior décor ideas with personality. Head over to @do.upper and start scrolling. Soon enough, your white space will be primed for your unique and heartfelt home styling. Don’t forget to share the wonderful you-ness of your new space with us