Curtain Tie Backs 101: Your Most Commonly Asked Questions, Answered

Curtain Tie Backs 101: Your Most Commonly Asked Questions, Answered
06/03/2023 Averill

Hey Do.Upper! So you’ve just purchased one of our wonderfully unique Curtain Tie Backs? Or maybe you have them sitting in your cart but have a few questions regarding installation, curtain size or styling? Well you’ve come to the right place!

We’ve put together our most commonly asked questions about our expertly made, bohemian inspired Curtain Tie Backs asked by our customers. Hopefully we not only answer your question, but you learn some great tips along the way…


1. Do your Curtain Tie Backs require a wall hook?

No, the majority of our range of curtain tie backs do not require a wall hook. Instead, they can be secured directly around your curtain thanks to their self-loop design (see Question 2 on how to do this).

*Please note: Each product listing will state in the product’s dimensions whether or not a wall hook is required so be sure to double check this.

With no mounting hardware necessary for most of our curtain tie backs, they are great for rentals or anyone wanting a quick, practical and decorative solution to keep unruly curtains at bay and let the light in!


2. If my Curtain Tie Back does not require a wall hook, how do I wrap it around my curtain?

Securing your tie back to your curtain is simple! Wrap the loop-ends around the width of your curtains with the tassel facing the front. Slip each of the tie back loops over the tassel, arranging them to rest just at the top of the tassel. Adjust the curtain and the tassel according to you preferred styling.

curtain tie back 1

curtain tie back 2

curtain tie back 3


3. How do I style my drapery with Curtain Tie Backs?

Did you know the position of the wall hook for your tie back will ultimately determine how your curtains drape?

For a “straight look” position your wall hook slightly higher on the wall:

curtain tie back 1 2

curtain tie back 2 2

For a more “drapey look” position your wall hook lower on the wall:

curtain tie back 3 1

Pro tip: Before installing your wall hook, secure it to the wall with some blue tack. That way you can test out different styles and determine the height needed for your desired look!


4. What’s the recommended height to install my wall hook?

We recommend hanging each wall hook for your curtain tie back 1/3 of the way up from the bottom of the curtain. For example, if your curtain is 225cm long, you would place the tieback hook about 75cm from the bottom. Measure this out and mark the desired location with a pencil before installing with a drill.

curtain tie back

*Please note: While these are standard measurements for curtain hardware, they may not necessarily suit your preferences, so feel free to adjust your hook higher or lower as you wish. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder!


5. Do I have to have thick curtains for a Curtain Tie Back?

Most definitely not! Our tie backs that can be self-looped (and require no wall hook) were specifically designed to cater to any curtain volume. They are completely adjustable and adaptable to suit any sized curtain. See question 2 for how to secure them.

Our Looped Cotton Curtain Tie Back goes a step further with it’s installation just as effortless as its beauty: just loop it around the knot and enjoy!

Curtain Tie Back 1 1

Curtain Tie Back 2 1

*Please note: Be sure to check the product listings to see which tie backs have the self-looping design.


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