Product Drop: Introducing our NEW Ceramic Arch Collection

Product Drop: Introducing our NEW Ceramic Arch Collection
24/05/2023 LeeandLuke

Sustainable, colourful and with two different finishes to choose from, our new Ceramic Arch Collection has something to inspire the interior designer in all of us.

Ceramic knobs, you say? Why yes, we do! We’re so incredibly excited to be launching our brand new Ceramic Arch Collection! Consisting of 4 new knobs and 2 new handles in a range of beautiful colours and finishes, we can’t wait to bring some new looks to life!

While the idea of ceramic might not automatically make you think of knobs and cabinet handles, we’re so ready to open your eyes to a new world of gorgeous interior design pieces. After all, ceramics have been moulded, shaped and a part of our vast cultures dating back to at least 25,000 BC! Fun Fact: ceramics helped modernise humankind! They played a role in developing the steel, metal, brick, glass and electricity that we use for…well…everything!

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With so much history and possibility, it’s no wonder ceramics have a soft spot in the hearts of designers everywhere. And we’re thrilled to be a part of it all!


Why ceramic knobs and cabinet handles?

As we mentioned above, ceramics have a long and beautiful history that continues to this day. From cookware and tiles to home décor and art, they’ve played a part in our everyday life for centuries. We adore working with this sustainable and super versatile material. Made from natural materials, it’s kind to the environment and can be upcycled and cleaned without the need for toxic chemicals.


Creatively, there are no rules. And we love that! Ceramics suit all kinds of décor styles and settings from Modern-Contemporary to French Country, Rustic and more. Different finishes, colours and patterns are all available to you. This means no matter your design style and personality, ceramics will have plenty of creative solutions for you to choose from.

We chose ceramic knobs and cabinet handles because we recognise the importance of sustainable living. We love the history behind the material. And we value the unique creativity in each of us. We can see all of the beautiful ways these versatile products can speak to our Do.Uppers and we want you to fall in love with them, too!


 The awesomeness of arches

We absolutely adore curvature and arches (if you haven’t already noticed!). Such a soft and subtle shape, yet it can make a big impact and complement an array of furniture pieces. We also love what they stand for: new beginnings, strength and support. Such a beautiful symbol to have in your home!

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Our new collection of ceramic knobs can add softness and creativity to cabinet doors in your kitchen or bathroom, even on your little one’s dresser (we love that they also have a bit of a rainbow vibe. Perfect for a child’s room!). Our Lily Green or Rose Pink Ceramic Arch Knobs are a lovely addition to add a touch of joy to a space. Need a little more inspo for your arches? Check out some of our 2023 interior design trends!

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Different finishes for different feels

Have you noticed how different finishes on cabinet knobs and handles can create a different vibe in a room?

Our ceramic knobs come in two different finishes – glazed and raw/matte. The glazed finish knobs offer a smooth, more polished and refined look. This works beautifully for those who are drawn to a Modern-Contemporary or Mid Century design aesthetic (amongst others!). Clean, powerful and functional while still creating space for pops of colour and earthy elements.

The raw/matte finish feels more organic and lends itself to a natural, rustic aesthetic. We’re talking about those Bohemian or Coastal vibes! Our Raw Biscuit Ceramic Cabinet Handle would look perfect on a set of drawers amongst airy, flowing décor and hand-woven rugs and throws. Let the light in with some of our Jute or Cotton Tie Backs and you’ve got yourself a glorious, joyfully creative space to relax and entertain in!

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Colour changes everything

The perfect pop of colour can change the way you view a room (or your day!). As an extension of the two finishes we’ve introduced in our Ceramic Arch Collection, we also have a handful of different colours to offer our Do.Uppers the variety they deserve (and love!).

As mentioned above, our Lily Green and Rose Pink ceramic knobs are wonderfully soft and add a touch of joy and sunshine to a child’s room or sunny living space. Our Raw Biscuit and Speckled Stone ceramic knobs offer an earthier feel for those who prefer a more grounded and naturalistic taste and aesthetic in your interior design.

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Sustainable, versatile and made with you in mind

Whatever your preference, we can’t wait for you to try out our gorgeous ceramic knobs and cabinet handles from our newest collection. Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @do.upper to show us how you made our amazing ceramic arches your own!