5 Summer Interior Design Trends to Watch in 2021

5 Summer Interior Design Trends to Watch in 2021
23/11/2021 Averill

What. A. Year! Can you believe we’re quickly approaching the end of 2021? In the Southern Hemisphere, we’re ditching our coats and dusting off our party dresses as we welcome the warmer months. So it got us thinking: what better time than now to explore a few popular summer interior design trends! 

So turn off your heater and crack a window open – let’s breathe new life into your home.  


1. Invite nature inside

Even before the pandemic we were all investing in greenery to become the plant mums and dads we are proud to be today. Summer is the primo time to hit the nursery and grab a few easy care plants, like succulents or spider plants, to give your home a luscious edge.

Don’t be afraid to invite the outdoors in this summer – we’re not talking bugs and flies,  but interior decorating with plants is a great way to boost your mood and the overall vibe of any space.

plants summer trends - 5 Summer Interior Design Trends to Watch in 2021


2. Spotlight natural woods

However, if you’re already living in an indoor jungle, the next best thing is to introduce more natural woods. This might manifest as upcycled furniture, new wooden kitchen utensils, framed art prints or cabinet hardware, like knobs or pulls. 

You could, for example, freshen up worn out kitchen handles with our Rustic Slimline Mango Wood Handles. Or if you’re mad for rattan, check out our Rattan T-Bar Pulls, which are perfect for drawers that are crying out for a taste of the tropics. 

buffet mango wood - 5 Summer Interior Design Trends to Watch in 2021

Featuring: Nina from @butchandbulldog gorgeous buffet with our Mango Wood Handles


3. Add light’n breezy fabrics

Summer equals heat and nothing beats the heat like keeping life light’n breezy. The same goes for your interiors. Think organic cotton, jute or linen – all of which you’ll find in our curtain tie backs. These handy legends will be your best friend this summer and help to keep your curtains in check.

tieback summer trends - 5 Summer Interior Design Trends to Watch in 2021

Featuring: Jute and Black Zig-Zag Curtain Tie Back paired with our Button Jute Knob


If you’re chasing a Coastal Bohemian ‘high’ these holidays, you’ll want to add our Double Knot Cotton Curtain Tie Back and Jute Interlace Curtain Tie Back to your Christmas wish list. Don’t forget to grab some decorative wall hooks too as you’ll need them to secure your tie backs in place.

tiebacks X2 - 5 Summer Interior Design Trends to Watch in 2021


4. Keep it neutral – or not

One of the best summer interior design trends has to do with colour. Did you catch our review of Pantone’s spring/summer 2022 colour palette? It has some great suggestions for how to incorporate this season’s colours into your interiors, including bold hues and neutral core classics. 

You’re the arbiter of taste in your household, so we won’t preach to you about what kind of colour palette you should use. But if you’re in the mood for a DIY adventure, explore our eclectic range of cabinet knobs, pulls, wall hooks and drawer handles. They come in bold colours, hand painted patterns and an array of neutral designs. 


5. Create a multifunctional space

Not every room in your house needs to be solely for one purpose, especially if space is tight. Transform your living room into a yoga studio in the morning. Make the home office an after hours art zone. Your home needs to suit your lifestyle, not the other way around – but just make sure you invest in the right storage solutions and accessories to make the switch between activities a breeze. 

Yoga summer trends - 5 Summer Interior Design Trends to Watch in 2021


What summer interior design trends are you excited for?

We’re already lathered in sunscreen and planning our next getaway, but we want to see what you’ve got in store for your home interiors this summer. Tag us on socials at @do.upper with your holidays plans so we can cheer you on and share your amazing creations with the rest of the Do.Upper fam-bam!