Why we need craft now, more than ever

Why we need craft now, more than ever
20/05/2022 Averill

Designer Ilse Crawford says, “craft makes our homes more human.” Take a quick glance around – how much of what you own is handmade? A little? Or maybe, like us, you’re a collector, preferring upcycled or handmade goods to ones that come off an assembly line.

Now, more than EVER, we need to champion craft and handmade artisan wares. If you’re not already convinced, keep reading: we think our case for a crafty revolution might just be the inspiration you’ve been looking for to finally start that hobby.

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It tells the story of its maker

Mastering any craft takes time, attention and patience. Take, for example, our cabinet knobs. When you understand that it took someone 3-5 days to make just 1 marble knob, or 7-10 days to make 1 ceramic knob, the value of it changes. Especially in comparison to the flat-pack dresser in your bedroom, never touched by a human hand, straight off the conveyor belt.

hnadcrafted knobs - Why we need craft now, more than ever

Featured marble knobs (from left to right) – White Stone Brass Knob, Flat Wheel Marble Knob, White Solid Circle Marble Knob, White Marble and Brass Prism Knob


Manufactured goods aren’t evil, but if they’re all we have, imagine what kind of world that would be? Each and every piece of craft is imbued with the story of the person who made it – the history of how they learned that skill, their love of the creative process and the various design decisions they made along the way. 

Now, more than EVER, we need to share our stories – to connect, to build empathy and to unite as a world. 

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It benefits your wellbeing

The benefits of crafting are widely known: it’s great for stress relief, boosting self-confidence and adding skills to your repertoire. It can be meditative, like knitting a scarf, or a full body workout, like sanding and painting a dining setting. 

So whether it’s as involved as upcycling a pre-loved table you find at a garage sale or as creative as starting your own line of quirky earrings, crafting is a powerful creative outlet that’s good for your wellbeing.

Now, more than EVER, we need to take care of ourselves – to recharge, to slow down and to be able to hold space for one another. 

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It rejects the ordinary

If you’ve been around here for a little while, you’ll know this is something we’re deeply passionate about at Do.Up. Ditching generic flat-pack décor in favour of vintage or upcycled pre-loved furniture is an awesome way to add more personality to any space (aka more YOU). 

You might, for example, decide on a simple update to your bathroom cabinets by installing our Large Button Jute Knob. Not only will you call in some of those epically chill Boho vibes, you’ll also be supporting our artisans to make a living at the same time. 

Now, more than EVER, we need to reject the ordinary – to stand out, to personalise spaces and to join the collective movement away from mass production. 

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Starting to craft? Check out the Do.Up blog!

If you’re new to the DIY space, our blog has a bunch of helpful how-to articles and a swag of inspiration to get those creative juices flowing. Crafting is like a tube of Pringles (shout out to all of our Millennial readers): once you pop, you can’t stop!