Rental Kitchens and Bathrooms Needing a Refresh? Perk Them Up With Knobs and Door Handles

Rental Kitchens and Bathrooms Needing a Refresh? Perk Them Up With Knobs and Door Handles
16/03/2018 LeeandLuke

Renovating a rental property’s kitchen or bathrooms doesn’t require wrecking balls, jackhammers or dynamite. The subtle charm of new kitchen and bathroom knobs and handles will create just as big of a bang.

Your property has to tempt prospective residents. At Australia’s DoUp, we believe that this can be accomplished with small but impressive embellishments that rejuvenate a room.

Established in 2014, DoUp’s online store is a massive cache of home hardware elements including curtain tiebacks, curtain holdbacks, wall hooks and drawer pulls. We meld glamour with affordability in handcrafted items that are one-of-a-kind treasures.

We also supply artisan knobs and handles. Kitchens and bathrooms are utilitarian and their knobs and handles may be disregarded or neglected. We offer suggestions for updating your rental:


  • Multi Diagonal Striped Knob, White Acrylic and Wood — This knob brings a whole new slant to kitchens. Sleek white lines contrast with wooden elements, exuding precision, strength and structure. Wooden cabinets of most grains and shades would suitably pair with this solid piece.
  • Antiqued Gold and Pearl Knob — Like an exotic artifact washed ashore from distant lands, our Antiqued Gold and Pearl Knob will imbue your kitchen with an ambience of timeless symmetry and elegance. Luminous gold inlays crown lustrous mother of pearl, in this refined statement piece.
  • Antique Silver Etched Knob — Old world charm and exacting craftsmanship grace our Antique Silver Etched Knob. Solidly crafted in iron and meticulously etched, this kitchen knob exemplifies the one-of-a-kind artisan finesse of our products.


  • Iron Arrow Cabinet and Drawer Handle — Our Iron Arrow Cabinet and Drawer Handle hits the bullseye of your kitchen refurbishing needs. Solidly cast in iron and embellished with a dark, aged antique finish it’s a conversation piece that will get any future tenant talking.
  • Matte Black Decorative Handle — With strong lines forged in black, this piece commands attention. Its powerful presence will infuse an ambiance of strength into your rental kitchen handles décor. Display it on light-colored cabinets for maximum wow.
  • Chrome Brass Bail Handle — The Chrome Brass Bail Handle is a fresh update on a timeless design. Its traditionally fashioned silver handle appears to liquidly course between its two fixed mounts. Solidly constructed brass, it’s strong enough to withstand pull after pull.


  • Solid Glass Peacock Knob — Get ready for this psychedelic knob to transport you back to Flower Power, bell bottoms and love-ins. Peacock shades and feather shapes dance in a bright whirlpool of blues, golds, greens and silvers. With its unprecedented design, the Solid Glass Peacock Knob will electrify your bathroom.
  • Round Gold Floral Knob – Delicately intertwined gold-clad garlands assume three dimensions against this knob’s lustrous white background. Its shiny gold pattern complements the knob’s soft white hue. It has hand-painted individuality, and is made of easy-to-clean ceramic.
  • Round Woodland Ceramic Knob — A palette of muted colors and delicate artistry give our Round Woodland Ceramic Knob an exquisite Asian sensibility. Graceful blossoms and flower stems provide a playground for cavorting white bunnies. It features sturdy ceramic construction, and a theme enjoyed by all ages.


  • Carved White Bone Drawer Handle — Unconventional is the word that best describes our Carved White Bone Drawer Handle. Its intriguing irregular carvings speak to the artistic hand-craftsmanship that bestows a human touch. Clad in a cream shade and fashioned from bone, this unusual handle will give your rental’s bathroom its own unique expression.Gold and Pearl Handle — This handle exudes elegance and refinement. An aged gold butterfly shape cast in solid brass tops a luminous mother of pearl inlay. True to our ethic of providing unsurpassed, exquisitely crafted bathroom handles, the handle is a stunning statement piece and a small, exquisite artwork.
  • Gold Decorative Handle — Handle your bathroom’s hardware needs with this beautiful gold melding of form and function. Made of solid metal, the Gold Decorative Handle boasts strong lines and exacting definition. It’s not only eye-catching but resiliently constructed to resist wear and tear.

DoUp simplifies the refurbishing of your rental space with small but significant artisan kitchen knobs and handles, as well as bathroom knobs and handles. Shop with us and look forward to future renters signing on the dotted line.