Reinterpreting The Romance of Art Deco at Home

Reinterpreting The Romance of Art Deco at Home
19/08/2021 Averill

When you think of Art Deco, what springs to mind? Rich textures, geometric shapes, gilded gold metal details, or even The Great Gadsby? If that’s what you’re seeing, you’d be bang on the money – Art Deco’s 1920s glam vibe oozes luxury, romance and a ‘kick up your heels’, devil-make-care kinda attitude. But is that still relevant to life in 2021? 

Let’s explore this popular design aesthetic and we’ll show you how Do.Up customers are dancing up a storm in their home DIY projects with our Art Deco inspired Gold Art Deco Fan Knob.


Design the space you want (your way)

From a styling perspective, drawing inspiration from the past is one way to achieve a certain look or feel. But what we’re really excited by is how you can take something from the past and really make it your own. 

There aren’t hard and fast rules when it comes to home styling but the important thing to remember is that it’s your space. Use the products, furniture and colours that inspire you to feel at home (that’s where we can help).


Do.Uppers do Art Deco (with a twist)

One of our most popular cabinet knobs (the Gold Art Deco Fan Knob) has been a hit with our customers this year. So we thought we’d take a moment to pop the champagne and celebrate how one humble drawer knob can be used in a myriad of ways.

You’ll notice that each of the upcycled and DIY projects below have their own personalities and although our fan knob is Art Deco inspired, it’s versatile enough to suit a range of different styles and spaces. 

Ready to have your mind blown by our customers’ creative awesomeness? Let’s go!


Elegant drawer knobs with Joies de Chelsea

We’re big fans of everything Joise de Chelsea does, but this bedside table makes us squeal with joy. The detailing on the front of each drawer offsets our fan knob perfectly, giving the piece a playful edge, definitely a marked improvement from it’s distinctly plain origins.



Turquoise bookcase cabinet handles with Angelique Assad

Nothing says Art Deco more than gold and turquoise. This classic colour combo is at the heart of this stunningly upcycled bookcase by Angelique Assad. Our fan knobs look as if they’re floating on the cabinet doors, shimmering as an invitation to discover what’s inside. 



Bathroom cabinet handles with From Bland to Boho

Amber runs From Bland to Boho and we’re very impressed with this minimalist makeover of her bathroom cabinet. Subtle yet practical, our fan knob compliments the overall aesthetic bringing a touch of 1920s glam to a fresh and clean space. 



Electric blue dresser handles with Charlotte Bradshaw

This eye-catching dresser by Charlotte Rose Interiors makes a bold statement. We love how our fan knobs make the blue appear bluer and add just a touch of luxury to an already impressive piece.



Bedside dresser knobs with Nouvelle Grace

We love upcycling success stories and this one from Nouvelle Grace is the perfect example. Adding our fan knob, when combined with a fresh coat of paint, transforms this lacklustre dresser into an almost Victorian-esque antique! Pass the tea and scones, will you?!


A little inspiration can go a long, long way

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