Kitchen Drawer Knobs for Every Budget

Kitchen Drawer Knobs for Every Budget
04/03/2019 LeeandLuke
If your kitchen cabinets are in good shape but looking a little tired (or if you’re just ready to personalise your space) consider investing in new cabinet knobs and drawer knobs. From metal handles to ceramic knobs, you can easily find beautiful cabinet hardware that will help you make your kitchen perfectly yours!

Contrasting or Classic?

Depending on your choice of cabinet knobs, you can make your cabinet doors recede into the background or really stand out. For example, a plain black ceramic knob offers a simple and elegant addition to your cabinet doors that will be easy to clean and will stand the test of time.
Black Disc Knob 2 1 - Kitchen Drawer Knobs for Every Budget
For something a bit more eye catching, consider this bright and cheerful red ceramic knob, just the shade to draw attention to your colour scheme!

red solid melon knob3 - Kitchen Drawer Knobs for Every Budget

Transitional Cabinets For Your Open Concept Home

The open concept home has been getting a lot of attention as the kitchen moves from a work room to a gathering space. If matching your kitchen cabinets to the woodwork and colour scheme of the rest of your home is a goal, you might want drawer knobs and cabinet pulls that are a bit more muted.

For example, this simple silver beaded knob is a simple classic design that will serve you for years.

Chrome metal beaded knobs main - Kitchen Drawer Knobs for Every Budget

Compare and Contrast

Another beautiful kitchen trend features cabinets in different colours and offers cooks a great deal of variety in their color choices. Beautiful and contrasting glass and ceramic knobs would look great in a two-toned kitchen or could be added as an eye-catching feature on an island.

Personalise and Travel

If you’re a renter and want to personalise your space without drawing the wrath of your landlord, custom ceramic or glass knobs would be a simple way to make your apartment your own.

Carefully study the current size of your cabinet knobs. If the cabinets are painted, go ahead and loosen one knob to see if it pulls away easily. Some knobs can be a little sticky to remove; you may need to loosen the nut on the back of the knob until the body of the nut covers the threads at the end of the knob. Then you can tap on the knob to see if it comes free of the drawer front. (This step is critically important; if you tap on the screw itself you may damage the threads.)

kitchen 300x200 - Kitchen Drawer Knobs for Every Budget

Don’t Stop At The Kitchen

Built-in cabinets offer homeowners the option to store linens and other supplies out of sight and out of mind. If you have a built-in cabinet in the hall near the bedrooms, consider adding custom knobs to this cupboard for a pop of colour and cheer.


Your kitchen can be a place of joy and offer a peek into who you are as a cook and a nurturer. By adding custom kitchen knobs to your space, you can enjoy working in a space that truly inspires you.

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