How to Apply Colour Psychology to your Interior Styling and Design

How to Apply Colour Psychology to your Interior Styling and Design
30/08/2021 Averill

Swiss-French architect Le Corbusier once famously said that colour is the “daughter of light”. The way we react to colour is both physical and psychological – in the same way that when light hits in a particular way, it can change our whole mood or sense of wellbeing. 

So how can you harness different colours in your interior styling and design to create mood, atmosphere and effect? Spoiler alert: it’s not as hard as putting together flat-pack furniture, so let’s dive in! 


What is colour psychology in interior design? 

Colour psychology looks at how different hues affect human behaviour. In interior design, it’s an incredibly powerful tool to help shape and promote mood in a space (just like lighting or adding your favourite candles). 

To channel this vibe, think about what kind of mood you want to create and the different decor that might produce the feeling you’re trying to communicate. Colour is only one aspect of design, but it’s one of the most overlooked (and most impactful!). 


What do different colours mean?

As Christina Murphy says, “punches of colour keep a room feeling youthful and engaging”, but colour can do much more than that. For example, your best friend might be obsessed with purple patterned wallpaper but the sight of it makes you nauseous. Or, alternatively, you might love baby pink cushions and throw rugs, but they keep mysteriously disappearing and your partner is oblivious when asked.  

To show you what we mean, let’s unpack what some common colours mean and our top picks for products to bring your fave moods to life. 



Intense and rich, red is a colour often associated with love and ambition. It’s great for active rooms where you need a boost of creative energy. You can choose to paint a feature wall or spotlight red furniture, but if you’re after something less overt, our Red Iron Wall Hook above a neutral dresser is the way to go.

Looking to get footloose and fancy free? The Sliced Watermelon Knob blends red, warm and neutral tones in an elegant way – ideal for a quirky slice of personality in any room. 




Often overused in baby girl nurseries, pink is an underestimated colour, one that signifies nurturing and femininity. If you have bedside tables or cabinets that could use a refresher, check out our Blush Pink Ceramic Disc Knob. Delicate yet refined, this knob also comes in a range of other colours (perfect for mixing and matching). 




We are green with envy for the colour green at Do.Up. There are so many different shades to use that all invite their own moods and feelings. Green is a versatile colour suitable for any room at home because it’s calming and brings in the good vibes of balance and growth. 

For something a little out of the ordinary, our Aventurine Stone Knob can add a touch of class and earthiness to your favourite pieces. Similarly, our Pearled Teal Hex Knobs are cheery, yet cool, and make a great addition to any tranquil sanctuary. 




Colour psychology also explores how neutrals can work to balance and complement bolder colours. When it comes to upcycling, you might like our Green And Nougat Terrazzo Handle (which also comes as a knob, too). Or the Hex Green And Nougat Terrazzo Knob, which emits an Italian vibe so strong you might even smell the pasta! 



Colour outside the lines with Do.Up

Colour is another tool you can add to your styling tool belt and it’s one we love to get creative with. Like you, we try to surround ourselves with beautiful objects and furniture that sparks our imagination and makes us feel truly at home. Our online shop is teeming with handmade artisan wares just waiting to make their way into your home and match your mood.