5 Inspired Gender Neutral Nursery Ideas

5 Inspired Gender Neutral Nursery Ideas
11/05/2022 Averill

You might not be surprised to learn that the Do.Up team loves a clean, neutral palette (shocking, we know, ha!). So when we spotted one of our favourite looks making its way into the nursery, we squealed with glee! If you or someone you know is getting ready for that bundle of joy to arrive and wants to ditch the traditional nursery room ideas, you’ve landed on the right page. Here are five gender neutral nursery ideas to help welcome your offspring earth side in style. 


1. Keep it clean and simple

As far as nursery ideas go, we’re obsessed with what Do.Upper Nina (of Butch and Bulldog fame) has created for her new baby boy’s neutral nursery. 

Spot our Jute And Cotton Weaved Cabinet Knob on that incredible upcycled dresser, but also how beautifully the drawer knobs match the mounted wall map. Keeping it simple and clean means that there’s less visual clutter, which is much more conducive to tranquil vibes for your new babe. 

2 - 5 Inspired Gender Neutral Nursery Ideas

3 - 5 Inspired Gender Neutral Nursery Ideas


2. Choose non-white neutrals

You’ve likely heard us rant about how neutral doesn’t have to be boring. Well, we’d like to add to that rant and encourage you to explore the full spectrum of neutral colours. Be like Do.Upper Hayley Herbig who’s revamped this IKEA dresser for her baby girl’s new nursery (also using our Rustic Bone Floweret Cabinet Knob).

Pastel colours are a great alternative to white if you’re looking to create a kid-friendly neutral nirvana. Don’t like painting? No sweat – as you can see here, Hayley uses some stunning wallpaper instead.  

1 - 5 Inspired Gender Neutral Nursery Ideas


3. Your neutral nursery needs texture

We’re talking bouclé fabric, knitted throws, fuzzy rugs and plush drapery. When bub is old enough to crawl around and explore, you’re going to want it to be inviting and sensory. Until that time, you can enjoy surrounding yourself in all the cosy delights, especially since this is a space you’ll likely be spending a chunk of your time in!  


4. Embrace quirky, whimsical décor

Let your inner child run wild. Think rainbows, animals and fun shapes – just like this scene by Tanya from Beachside Boho Designs for her grandchild whose gender will be surprise. She’s used our Slimline Mango Wood Cabinet Pull to upcycle a chest of drawers, which has then been matched with lots of lush gold accessories (including the sweetest toy giraffe). 

4 1 - 5 Inspired Gender Neutral Nursery Ideas

5 1 - 5 Inspired Gender Neutral Nursery Ideas


5. Add in items that can be easily switched in and out

For gender neutral nursery ideas to be sustainable, they need to be able to adapt to your growing bub. Items like decorative wall hooks and floating shelves are perfect for not only keeping the space organised, but for displaying art, toys and other knick knacks, especially those things you need close at hand. 


Gender neutral isn’t just for bubs either…

We encourage you to create spaces that reflect who you are, which means there may be more than one gender identity present. So if you’re tired of the same ol’ same ol’ when it comes to your furniture and décor, it may be time to Do.Up. Take a scroll through our online shop for ideas, inspiration and a new perspective on home hardware.