Pink Rose Quartz Stone Knob

Pink Rose Quartz Stone Knob

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Product Description

Give an existing piece of furniture or dresser drawers a fresh update with our Natural Pink Rose Quartz Stone Knob. These Quartz Knobs are sliced to reveal beautiful patterns within its centre and finished with a gold edge. Each knob is one of a kind in shape, colour tone and pattern that supports its own unique character. The Quartz Stone has been skillfully formed to be attention grabbing and transform any furniture update into a work of art. Pink Quartz stone is known to be great for feng shui and used correctly and in the right places can assist with balance and harmony. Perfect for updating a tired piece of furniture and giving it a complete new look! It’s a fast, cost effective way to refresh your furniture knobs, dresser knobs, kitchen handles and turn it into a statement piece.

All our hardware is handmade, they are not mass produced. This means there may be slight variances between each piece. Given this and the natural material of our Pink Rose Quartz Stone Knob, there will be variances between each piece in regards to their shape and colouring.


Product Specifications

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Diameter: 47mm to 64mm approx
Projection: 20mm approx
Bolt size: 55mm approx

*Bolt can be trimmed to size
*Tighten with care