Oval Brass and MOP Knob

Oval Brass and MOP Knob

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Product Description

Our Oval Brass and MOP Knob has the rich, organic lustre of real shell. With naturally reflective qualities, its iridescent colours shift and shimmer when bathed with light. Its lustrous brass setting complements the shell’s gleam. The beauty is that each cabinet knob has been handmade and supports its own unique character. A true artisanal piece, our Oval Brass and MOP Knob will make a decorative statement and uplift your décor with a tasteful, sophisticated touch. Its larger size, unique design and eye-catching sparkle will make it the focal point of any room and add a true ‘wow’ factor. Instantly turn that old bedside table or timeworn dresser into a high-end piece! Strong yet delicate, it would a classy touch to your kitchen and bathroom cabinets also. Suitable for an array of decor styles, including modern, traditional or coastal. This cabinet knob would add a perfectly imperfect touch of Bohemian luxury to your space.

All our hardware is handmade, they are not mass produced. This means there may be slight variances between each piece.

*Sold Individually

Product Specifications

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Length: 38mm approx
Width: 53mm approx
Projection: 20mm
Bolt size: 37mm

*Bolt can be trimmed to size

Produce Care

Wipe clean with a damp cloth and do not use any cleaning agents or chemicals.
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