Green Granite and Brass Cylinder Knob

Green Granite and Brass Cylinder Knob

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Product Description

Our Green Granite and Brass Cylinder Knob adds subtle beauty and an effortlessly timeless quality to your space. Handcrafted in a modern design using natural granite stone with a touch of brass encasing the granite design. Second only to diamonds in hardness, granite is a resilient stone and it’s refined, classic look will never go out of style! The unique patterning and veining of this cabinet knob will enable you to have a personalised piece that doesn’t exist anywhere else! Its shiny and smooth granite exterior is sized to grip perfectly, making it an ideal choice of hardware for your cabinetry. Its simplistic design and colour will work with a variety of decor styles, including modern, minimalist and traditional styling. Add a touch of class to kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities, or how about refreshing a tired dresser or chest of drawers? These knobs also double up as the perfect wall hooks if you’re after something unique.

All our hardware is handmade, they are not mass produced. This means there may be slight variances between each piece.


Product Specifications

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Diameter: 22mm approx
Projection: 32mm approx
Bolt size: 43mm approx

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