Brushed Gold Brass Half Moon Handle

Brushed Gold Brass Half Moon Handle

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Product Description

Replace old and tired kitchen cabinet handles with our sleek Brushed Gold Brass Half Moon Handle. Crafted from brushed brass, it’s a versatile option for any home renovation or DIY project. Enjoy a generous amount of surface area to grip that’s easy to clean and takes the wear of regular use in its stride. Elegant, streamlined and bold, it’s gorgeous on its own or as a set, especially for achieving clean lines in a Scandinavian aesthetic.

Part of our D.LUXE range, these half moon cabinet handles are in a class all of their own. Premium and high-quality, they layer in sophistication and consistency to large commercial projects, just as much as they add a sleek finesse to DIY furniture. Designed to be sturdy, you’ll love the polish and effortless style of these half moon drawer handles. What’s more is this beauty also comes in a cabinet pull so you can mix and match across your cabinetry drawers and cupboard doors – Brushed Gold Brass Half Moon Pull.

Also available in Brushed Silver and Matte Black.


*Sold Individually

Product Specifications

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Length: 98mm
Height: 20mm
Bolt to bolt: 64mm

*Mounting hardware included
Bolt size: X2 25mm screws

Produce Care

Wipe clean with a damp cloth and do not use any cleaning agents or chemicals.