Milan – Green Marble and Brass Pull

Milan – Green Marble and Brass Pull

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Product Description

Get ready to turn your cabinets into conversation starters with the Milan Green Marble and Brass Pull! Picture this: the elegant fusion of Green Marble and solid Brass, brought together in one stunning cabinet pull. It’s like nature and luxury decided to shake hands. Smooth, polished marble on the outside, paired with brass hardware for that touch of lavishness – it’s a D.LUXE match made in interior design heaven. And guess what? Each piece of Green Marble comes with its own quirks in the form of charming veining. No duplicates here – every pull is as unique as your style.

Time for a quick Green Marble trivia! This amazing material has been flaunting its patterns in architecture for ages. From striking columns to sleek kitchen countertops, Green Marble has always caught the eye. Now, it’s stepping up to give your cabinets a touch of that chic spotlight. These pulls come with matching handles in various sizes to suit your needs for that polished look, installing them is a breeze, whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a pro. And don’t worry if green isn’t your thing – we’ve got classic white and bold black marble options too. Your cabinets are ready for their moment – let’s make them shine!


* Align the cabinet door hole with the handle during installation to prevent marble breakage. Exercise caution for a seamless setup, and install manually to avoid damage from electric tools due to the material’s nature.

*Sold Individually


Length: 60mm
Width: 15mm
Height: 35mm

*Mounting hardware included
*Bolt size: 25mm screw

Product Specifications

Product Care

Wipe clean with a damp cloth and do not use any cleaning agents or chemicals.