Brushed Gold Brass Hex Handle

Brushed Gold Brass Hex Handle

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Product Description

Turn your home into a stylish sanctuary with our premium Brushed Gold Brass Hex Handle. Part of our D.LUXE range, this cabinet handle compliments minimalist and maximalist spaces alike. Crafted from high-quality brushed brass, it’s easy to clean and strong enough to be installed in regularly used areas around the home, like kitchen cabinet handles and bathroom drawer handles.

Long, sleek and beautifully shaped, this cabinet handle is ideal for large commercial or residential properties, or as a way to elevate your next upcycling project. You’ll love the feel of each brass handle and how the hexagonal edging is both smooth and luxurious to the touch. Install a set vertically or horizontally and enjoy adding their elegant finish to any space. It’s this kind of detail that can transform a good house into a welcoming home. What’s more is there is a cabinet pull and knob in the same stunning hexagon design for you to mix and match across your cabinetry – Brushed Gold Brass Hex Pull and Brushed Gold Brass Hex Knob.

Also available in Brushed Silver and Matte Black.


*Sold Individually

Product Specifications

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Length: 152mm
Height: 33mm
Bolt to bolt: 128mm

*Mounting hardware included
Bolt size: X2 25mm screws

Produce Care

Wipe clean with a damp cloth and do not use any cleaning agents or chemicals.