How to Install our Minoh Macrame Plant Hangers

How to Install our Minoh Macrame Plant Hangers
08/02/2023 Averill

Who’s ready to unleash their inner green thumb and elevate their plant-loving game with our Minoh Macrame Plant Hangers?! This Japanese-inspired beauty is not only a feast for the eyes, but a breeze to install as well! Thanks to the Minoh Macrame Plant Hanger’s convenient built-in screw, all you need is a couple of tools and a handful of easy steps and you’ll be basking in its botanical glory in no time.

Where can I install my Minoh you ask?! Quite literally any where you like – however if it’s going outside, just ensure it is a sheltered area away from the elements. With a heavy duty anchor included with every Minoh planter, you aren’t limited to having to install your plant hanger into a beam. You can instead install directly into plasterboard. Just ensure you double check the weight of your pot plant and stick to the suggested weight capacities.

So without further ado Do.Upper, go on and grab your Minoh plant hanger and let’s get started!


What you will need

> Pencil

> Power drill

> Screwdriver

> Wall anchor (provided by Do.Up)


STEP 1 – Using a pencil, mark the location on the wall where you’d like your wall hook to sit. Then with a steady hand, drill a hole into the marked point with a power drill.

IMG 2057


STEP 2 – Position your anchor into the hole you’ve just created and begin screwing it into the wall with a screw driver. You will need to apply a little pressure here. Continue screwing until your anchor is flush against the wall.

IMG 2061


STEP 3 – Line up the planter’s screw end with the anchor and begin turning in a clockwise direction until it is completely flush against the wall.

IMG 2066

Ensure the mount of the plant hanger is positioned straight and the cotton threads aren’t tangled so it’s ready for your pot plant.

IMG 2068


STEP 4 – Using two hands, carefully place your chosen pot plant inside the cotton threads and onto the wooden ring.

*Be sure your pot plant does not exceed the recommended weight capacities – Small Minoh Plant Hanger: approx 3kg, Large Minoh Plant Hanger: approx 5kg.

IMG 2073


Aaand you are DONE!! Take a step back and admire your beautiful new Minoh Macrame Plant Hanger!

IMG 2074


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