Classic Cotton Tassel Curtain Tie Back

Classic Cotton Tassel Curtain Tie Back

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Product Description

Your curtains will thank you for wrapping them in this dress-up or dress-down cotton tie back. With neutral, uncluttered lines and a soft, chic tassel, our Classic Cotton Tassel Curtain Tie Back exudes a timeless, natural look. You can’t beat handcrafted cotton for adding texture and tone to your space. Give your space an instant boost by pairing the tie backs with curtains or sheers. Or how about draping them from door handles or an antique chest, where they’ll come as a delightful, unexpected surprise?

Cotton is called the king of all-natural fibres because it’s the most popular natural fibre in the world. Cotton has long been the go-to for home décor designers. It’s an easy and versatile choice for countless décor settings, because of its effortless, natural look and texture. As well as being sustainable, renewable and biodegradable, this super-fibre has many benefits! These include its ability to insulate, control moisture and provide comfort. It’s also hypoallergenic, weatherproof and durable.

All our hardware is handmade, never mass produced. This means there may be slight variances between each piece.


Product Specifications

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Cord Length: 320mm approx
Tassel Length: 170mm approx

*Sold as a single
*Wall Hook required

Produce Care

Wipe clean with a damp cloth and do not use any cleaning agents or chemicals.