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Drawer Knobs and Cabinet Knobs

Want to revitalize your drawers and cabinets? Then our drawer knobs and cabinet knobs will raise the “wow factor” way past 10. Our vast, ever-growing knob collection abounds with countless colours, designs, shapes and materials. And they’re anything but ordinary. Rich blue, jade green and vibrant red are some of the luscious colours in our palette. Intriguing designs like mosaics, bubbles and mandalas abound. Discover octagons and rectangles. Wood and marble. Agate, brass and jute. There are even critters like foxes, elephants, rabbits and honeybees for whimsical, creative upgrades.

Use them all over your space! They’re versatile pieces that dress up any room. Each knob is a timeless artisan piece fashioned by hand. You’re guaranteed a one-of-a-kind treasure that’s as unique as you are.

Our knobs are designed to mix, as well as match. Have fun and play! You’ll be amazed at the stunning combinations you’ll be inspired to create.