Curtain Tie Backs with Colour Silver


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Let the light in with curtain holdbacks

Transport yourself to a tropical coastal retreat, island rainforest or beachside haven with our rustic, bohemian curtain tie backs. Crafted from sustainable materials like cotton, jute and seashells, each tie back is expertly made to keep those unruly curtains out of the way so you can watch the world go by in style!


Without tie backs, curtains can look plain and unfinished. Using a curtain tie back is an easy way to add a decorative touch and complement your other décor. Tie backs can dress your curtains up or down, and match or contrast with your chosen fabric colour. They also make the area a focal point of your space, so it feels fuller and helps guide the eye around the room.


All of our pieces are handmade, never mass produced, so you can imagine the time and care that goes into each and every curtain tie back. Our artisans meticulously weave high quality fibres together to create the memorable designs we’re proud to offer you. Choose from a selection of shades and designs sourced to inspire and delight you, your family and guests. 


Our curtain holdbacks and curtain tiebacks meld flawlessly with patterns and solids, as well as heavy and lightweight fabrics. They’re all handmade, with perfect imperfections that add character and uniqueness. They hold your curtains securely without pinching or disturbing the fabric’s soft, flowing lines. Instantly and effortlessly tuck or tie your drapery back and pop it out just as easily. 


For curtains that stay perfectly in place and wrinkle-free, you’ll want to explore our serene range of curtain tie backs and curtain holdbacks. They bring a sense of calm and order to any space, from the most eclectic share house to the most pristine, minimal apartment. If you’re new to DIY, adding a few curtain holdbacks to your home is a great way to dip a toe in the waters.